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Money is an essential part of our lives.We are Professional IT technicians and we produce SUPER AUTHENTIC COUNTERFEIT MONEY and other related products,We are involed in the production of over 158 currencies worldwide. Our notes are industrially and professional produced. Wen use quality foil paper elements.20% of cellulose and 80% of cotton paper.

Our bills have the Infrared Detection which makes our bills to bypass the UV machines, Pen test and even eye detection

Buy counterfeit money from experts. Our notes are AAA grade Quality.


We all have some dreams and desires throughout our lives. However, most of them require significant funding to come true. So, it usually comes out that these dreams wouldn’t have happened due to a lack of money. Here at Best counterfeits online store, we believe that every person has the right to be happy. That is why we provide our clients with the best fake money for sale to shortcut their path to prosperity.

Browsing our extensive range of products, you will find not only counterfeit money of different currencies, but also registered and unregistered passports, social security cards,New Identity, SSN, driver’s license, I.D, Birth certificates, diploma,USA CVV,or any other document? Please “Search no further”, Your curiosity has landed you to the right place whether you are based in America’s, Australia, Africa, Asia or Europe as long as you have a Valid P.O Box or House Address we shall make sure the problem is over. For more information, Contact Us for more guidance.

School degrees and Bank Statements all in an entirely NEW NAME issued and registered in the government database system so you can travel with no problem across security borders even when the authorities checked your documents will be reporting legit with fresh number . We produce documents principally in two formats, that’s Genuine and Novelty Formats.


We are a leading service provider in the field of document security and features technologies. It is our years of expertise in producing ID cards, passports,Top Quality Banknotes, death certificates, birth certificates as well as other documents that has helped us in achieving this height. We have become a popular name in the industry of real and fake document for our unique ideas, high quality and excellent customer support. We know how risky it is to carry a fake document with you. We understand your situation and that is why we make use of all our skills, efforts, professionalism, hard work as well as knowledge of the latest technologies in all our services. We come across a number of people every day, who don’t have a particular document because of some issues or for whom it is difficult to have a certain document. We offer them our expertise services.


Happy Clients

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We procedure and produce a wide range of records both enrolled and unregistered we utilize top notch printing machines with great multi dimensional images and printing quality. All our enrolled records went through UV light and other confirmation types of gear. Every one of our archives are utilized to travel securely without the cops halting you. And our reports contains every single mystery include.

“We Appreciate Your Feedbacks”

  • I carefully followed the instructions to obtain online, 3 Visas each for my husband and me for Vietnam and Cambodia. It was all seamless. It’s expensive, but not as expensive as having it done through a phone call, or as troublesome as trying to do it all myself.

    Thank you for your good service!!

    Melissa Watkins
  • Fast and efficient. Have used to obtain visas for China and Vietnam. Both were completed within 10 days. Passport VISA Express even reviewed my submitted digital photos to ensure they met standards of countries to be visited. One digital photo had to be resubmitted because my wife was wearing earrings which was not allowed for one of the visas. Highly recommend this service.

    Mike Wilson
  • Web site was confusing but rest of the service was efficient

    Web site was confusing. It does not make clear right away that you must pay before the service, nor that you can’t do it on line with a Mac. After that the service was efficient.

    F Wolff
  • I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the service I received at the Boro Park location. Joanna was very pleasant and courteous. Overall experience was nice and I am definitely coming back there to do my son’s passport.

    Olga Bekker
  • I appreciates your work but i wish to let you know i was asked more fees by the courier for a sealed but thanks as i got the notes at the end.

    Emily from NSW Australia
  • I ordered 7,000 pounds from you but my bills was not up to the required amount, i received 6,700 so i don’t know what happened with my 300 pounds mate, so i will like to request for my balance.

    Harry from Essex United Kingdom
  • I am happy with what y’all are doing but i wish to request more professionalism with the courier services you use, my package was handed to my wife bro and that alone caused problems in my home, i requested them to informed me before delivery so i give them my schedule.

    Sam Smith from Ireland
  • Thank your team very much, i was able to settle my debts and bills with the notes you sent, i will be ordering again very soon.

    Annette from Canada
  • I have not been able to to use all my notes yet but i am very happy still with your service, i will be ordering large by the end of the month , i heard you meet up with traders for large deals so i will like to meet up with the technicians very soon to discuss further about my proposal.

    Etienne from Bordeaux France
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